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TeleTherapy For Children and Adults in Frisco & McKinney, Texas

The term "teletherapy" refers to therapy given by a trained and certified therapist over a secure video link. With the use of modern technology, speech, occupational, and physical therapists can now connect with you from all around the world.

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How does TeleTherapy work?

Have you ever utilized any video calling on your cell phone?  Teletherapy sessions are identical to face-to-face meetings, with one exception: rather than being in person, you’re conducting a two-way video session.

Our trained therapists collaborate with you via an internet connection, web portal, and two-way live video through a secure platform. You can communicate with the therapist in the same way as an in-person session through the platform.

The opportunities are vast: 

  • hands-on activities
  • interactive games
  • comprehensive evaluations
  • unique treatment plans

For our youngest clients, a parent or other adult is on with the client giving cues, and any “hands-on” approaches required.


Is TeleThearpy for everyone?

With any therapy, there’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all guarantee that it’ll work. Some youngsters respond better to whole groups than small groups, and some cannot wear long sleeves while others can. This approach will help certain children more than others.

What do I need for Teletherapy?

If you have a computer with a microphone and a camera (which most computers/laptops now come equipped with), you’re ready to go! A solid internet connection is also required. Teletherapy sessions can be conducted with the use of those items alone.

Is Teletherapy comparable to conventional face-to-face therapy in terms of effectiveness?

There have been many studies on teletherapy counseling as it becomes increasingly popular, and the research has found very few differences between Teletherapy and traditional in-person therapy. In addition, the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) has recognized Teletherapy as an effective method of service delivery since 2005. You may access their statement on the matter here.

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What are the key benefits of Teletherapy?

  • Convenience! You don’t have to go anywhere, you don’t have to feel obligated to clean for a doctor’s visit, and you don’t even need to put on shoes if that isn’t your thing.
  • Kids love technology. Yes, there are many opposing viewpoints about technology and children, but it is sometimes necessary to accept them. Children today simply do not know a time when they did not have access to technology – and that is normal. The majority of youngsters love watching videos on the internet and are very energized by it.
  • Comfort Level:  Children feel more at ease in front of a computer screen than they do with a therapist in their own home.
  • Access to providers you typically wouldn’t have access to. Patients may get therapy in their homes in rural regions rather than traveling an hour to a rural clinic. Teletherapy can link you with a specialist clinician if you want a specialized treatment approach that few are trained in. With the introduction of Teletherapy, the options available to clients have exploded.
  • Built in social distancing. With COVID-19’s recent worldwide health concerns, Teletherapy has become a popular and highly successful service delivery method that keeps everyone secure!

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